I have hope for humanity

I have hope for humanity.

Perhaps one day we will finally learn that killing each other on a battlefield is not a way to solve problems.

Lest we forget.


*April 25th is ANZAC day in Australia and New Zealand, the day the ANZAC forces landed at Gallipoli in Turkey in WWI. On this day we remember all the people in all the wars since. On my home beach, as the sun rises, I gather with thousands and think of those young men, the animals, the nurses, who must have been terrified as the dawn broke, of what lay in front of them. So many lost and killed, so young.

The futility of war. The very bad decisions made by people in power.

Lest we forget, and please let us not do it again.

April 25th 2018

Photo Taken April 25th 2018


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