I have no idea what I am doing

At one level this is so true it is scary.

Making it up right at the point of the next step.

Hoping, praying…that when my foot lands, or my words arrive, they will be held by ground, by witness, by appropriateness and receptivity.

I woke in the night contemplating the nature of humans. That we have the tussle of right and wrong action, good and evil, intrinsic to or ability to choose.

Does a tree wrestle with this? Or a leopard? Or do they just go about their tree and leopard life?

These are questions of the ages, worth deliberation.

My life has been dedicated to integrity, to wholeness, to truth. To the service of humans who come together to co-create something worthwhile for our collective future.

It feels right. As does being on the edge of emergence as a daily, hourly practice.

Home is the ground, the safety. The sanctuary. It provides the steady to the messy of everything else.

Tomorrow I step into the work of my life with others. 

What I do know is that when I have done the preparation, and have found the still quiet place from which all of creation arises, I will open my mouth and words, surprising even to me, will flow.

Perhaps this is the art of the tree. And the leopard.

May 27th 2019

Photo taken May 25th, 2019