I stand for humanity

What does this mean?

I was listening to a reporter speak about Kerala State in India, where a mosque, a church, and a temple are side by side on the same street. The people of Kerala cherish religious harmony despite the Modi government’s ardent attempt to stir hate.  Religious diversity and harmony are possible. 

I was thinking about the students protesting genocide and settler colonisation. The wearing of certain items of clothing signifies the side you stand for.

What is the signifier of standing for humanity? What do we wear that says we stand for humanity and refuse to get caught in the conversation of being conquered by being divided? 

And what does standing for humanity mean?

All people are treated in a dignified way. 

Equal opportunity is available to all humans.

We do not exploit, extract or colonise others.

We hold that each life is unique and sacred and given an ecosystem that supports every life, individual expression and gorgeous creativity will serve all. 

Life is sacred.

Beauty, love, respect, kindness, care, compassion, and autonomy are the operating codes behind everything created. 

Violence, hate, exploitation and cruelty towards others, Earth and our creatures will not be tolerated.

If there are anti-anythings in standing for humanity – they are anti-violence. Anti-vengeance. Anti-dehumanising.

That is the scarf or hat I wear. The one that says the right to exist with dignity is afforded to everyone. Your right to freedom does not come at the expense of another’s. 

I stand for humanity. I stand against violence, racism of every expression, suppression, oppression and erasure.

Photo Taken May 3rd 2024