I want genuine wisdom

It is easy to give our sense-making and power away to a ‘somebody.’

A ‘somebody’ with a title – be that a truly earned title or one created out of thin air – or  ‘somebody’ with a gazillion followers. 

To think that this person, because of their culture or birth, has a ‘special’ secret sauce.

I have been seduced more than once by these types of ‘somebodies.’ I have relinquished my power and intelligence to the thrall of another. 

As a teacher and mentor, I work hard to not have people do that to me.

I want genuine wisdom. I seek it first in a mentor before the shiny exterior of their ‘somebodyness’ takes over.

What is genuine wisdom? 

It comes first and foremost with humility. Wisdom speaks from experience. It offers complex reflection, never stooping to easy grabs of half-truths soaked in drama.

Wisdom knows to ask questions and understand the whole before making proclamations. 

Wisdom knows it can only speak to areas of personal experience, to not pretend to know everything.

Wisdom is a deep listening to complexity, and multiple perspectives, allowing the field of the whole to marinate in their being. From here, a pause, integration and synthesis, well before a world of offering is spoken.

Wisdom is non-demanding. It is present. 

When I meet wisdom I stop and listen. True wisdom is rare. The poetry of mystics. Goethe. Anne Lamont. Brene Brown. Nelson Mandela. Buckminster Fuller.

In a world so easily populated by spell casters and seduction, making sense, being the author of our life, mind and being, is a commitment. 

Seek wisdom.

Photo Taken July 14th 2023