I want to speak on hope, beauty, love

On listening to the Soul of your beloved as they speak through personal unravellings in an unravelling world.

On listening to the small urgent voice inside that says…please pay attention. This…this that you are birthing…it is good, true and beautiful…stay true to its integrity.

On rising in the dark to catch the meteor shower, the dawn…to swim in an estuary because your pool is closed…the water cold, the pace necessarily hard, the net effect invigorating…

On skipping with joy on the beach in the pre-dawn light…happy to be alive, to be walking hand in hand with my beloved..

On feeling as healthy and sexy as I have ever in my whole life…far beyond the glow of youth..years of commitment to maintaining my own vitality and fitness…years of deep inner work, of going to the underworld and back many times….paying back now with a higher yield than I ever imagined, and worth every measure of pain I endured to arrive here.

Of the simple joys that are found when we have time to breathe, to be spacious, to not be trapped in the ridiculous urgency of a modern life that says wall-to-wall working just to maintain a lifestyle is the way…

Of cooking healthy food and learning new things…

Of my gratitude…which is Ocean deep, and my unencumbered joy, even as I know so many are suffering….I too have suffered…and now…now my task is to hold steady to the more beautiful world that we know is possible…to bring every bruise and broken emotion of life to the future I hold as possible…and to do this with the full measure of my joy, my love…my gorgeous vitality…unashamed…determined and with infinite compassion.

These are the things I want to write..to speak of…and mostly…to bring alive.

As my heart expands to infinity I bow in humility.

May 6th 2020

Photo taken May 6th, 2020