If it’s not uncomfortable then expect your life to stay the same

Same same is the routine.

If you want things to be different than it is now, then being uncomfortable is to be expected.

Uncomfortable, strange, different, unknown, uncertain.

Being different gets different results.

Doing the same, staying safe, gets more of the same.

How then do we manage discomfort? How do we embrace the new, the strange?

Knowing in advance that this will be your experience, how might you prepare yourself?

What is the level of discomfort you can bear? How might you support yourself to navigate this? Who might you have around you who will keep you upright when the wobble arrives. Which it will.

Meet your discomfort in advance. Perhaps imbue it with the elements of adventure, discovery, learning, curiosity. Talk to the terror. Sooth the place that feels dangerous.

Take the first step. Focus on this step only. Then, look to the next.

February 5th 2020

Photo taken April 19th, 2015