If you were given an opportunity to create a new identity, who are you going to become? 

Who are we that is not someone who goes to a job?

Who are we that are not able to go to the gym, the swimming pool, or the cafe?

Who are we that are not the taxi driver for children’s activities?

Who are we that are not the hustling entrepreneurs building an empire?

Sitting by the beach, watching the seagulls, a lone surfer catching a wave, people in small numbers doing their morning walk, I think about our sudden rich opportunity to drop below the noise of an identity crafted through both our choice and the expectations of society over decades.

Who are we that have time? Plenty of time. Time that we never imagined possible?

It is extraordinarily scary to feel into the questions that have been peripheral to our busy-i-ness. To really breath into the spaciousness of no-thing-ness.

And, who are we that go each day into the fray of services to those who are in dire straights, that face the anxiety, the fear, illness, terror, death….

Our culture has had an Earthquake hit it – off the Richter scale. 

Now we get to consider, not just who we are, but also how we are as a community, a culture, as citizens, as stewards to our precious home planet.

Rather than deny or run from, we might step fully into the void. Take a hand if you can. It’s easier that way.

And rather than longing for a return to the same old, we might ask how we can work together for a better future for our children’s children.

If you were allowed to create a new identity, who are you going to become? 

Through all of this, let us not waste the moment. 

March 25th 2020

Photo taken March 25th, 2020