Ill-equipped to solve problems

If we are trained to see the parts, to only examine the area of distress or breakdown, any solution will be short-term and temporary.

The rise of fascism in our times, and a warmonger seizing the territories of others, are symptoms.  

To see the problem we must look at the whole. From the stories we are told and tell, to the flow of currency and wealth, to the position humans have taken on our home planet as their right. 

It is complex in distinction to being complicated. Pull on one thread and all the threads are affected, often in ways we could not predict. 

There are some essential framing questions we might begin with.

  • For what purpose are humans in Universe? (A question posed by Bucky Fuller as the background of all his work)
  • How do we serve all life as we live a healthy vibrant life?
  • How will what I or we do here affect over there? Now and into the future?

When we rush into problem-solving, we might step back and pause. Are we looking at the whole? Have we considered the side effects, the precession? Are we designing for increased wellbeing for all life?

This is what we attempt each day to do in Syntropic World. The principle of principles is the Principle of Synergy, where the behaviour of the whole cannot be determined by an examination of the parts separately.

Photo taken October 17th 2022

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