Impossible to have conversations

Like vaccination, our addiction to growth, climate, the Israel-Palestinian turmoil.

These conversations bring out the black-and-white world of good and bad, right and wrong…followed immediately by labelling the opinion that is not ours as flat-out wrong and often discarding the person with the opinion onto our scrap heap of no longer friends. 

I have been guilty of this. More than once. I have also arrived on someone else’s scrap heap, more than once.

How do we create a field in which these scalding hot topics might be addressed without inciting the mini version of World War Three?

There is a wonderful tool to support these types of conversations, created by Nora Bateson from the International Bateson Institute, called Warm Data Labs.

As a certified host of Warm Data Labs, we can bring a diverse group of people, with a diversity of opinions, around some of our ‘impossible to have conversations,’ and create the field for the polarisation to defuse, for wisdom to arise, for multiple perspectives to become evident within all participants.

The intense polarisation from the Impossible to Have Conversations creates an intractable halt to forward movement towards greater wisdom.

To open the field, to advance the conversations, is to invite collective wisdom, to honour that there will not be a superhero to the rescue, but rather, regular humans willing to step into a new frame towards a better future.

September 24th 2019

Photo taken September 23rd, 2019, by Tony