In a stainless steel world we long for enchantment

There are some words that when spoken evoke a softening.

Enchantment is one of those words.

To sing in magic, to allure, to cast a spell, to charm.

In a stainless steel world, we long for enchantment. We want to be bewitched by the magical, by beauty that leaves us mesmerised.

By the awe of a rainbow, the majesty of waves, the sound of rain.

For too long we have rationalised. Dissected. Measured everything. Sterilised. Immunised. Added layers upon layers of protection. As if in our quest for supreme safety, we might come alive.

Enchantment requires dirt, rewilding. Stepping into the waves. Throwing caution to the wind.

To be seized by that which defies measurement, rationalisation, and the security of knowing everything. Written in April 5th 2020 Photo taken March 10th 2024