At first I thought there was not going to be a photo this morning. And then, this moment, when the sun came through a pocket in the clouds. It so happened that I was also in this spot where a tree provided some contrast.

One moment nothing…and then everything. Just like that.

This is the nature of life. The nature of miracles.

For many years I didn’t think miracles happened to me. I used to listen to stories of others and their miracles…the most amazing things…WOW…and then…why…why didn’t that happen to me?

My life felt absent of miracles.

And then I started noticing the miracles all around me…the miracle of my body, even of one cell. The miracle of a flower moving from bud to bloom. The miracle of the sun each day.

As I noticed more miracles, more miracles occurred.

I remember hearing a story of Mother Teresa, how she used to rely on miracles…her work was inspired by something far bigger than her. “We need to open a centre in New York City.” But Mother Teresa, we do not have funds. “No matter, the funds will come.” And the funds came. It was not simple faith…it was a knowing that the Source of all creation is always and ever present. That intention, aligned with integrity, courage, truth, power, wholeness and love…makes everything possible.

At this I am a novice. But each day I learn a little more to trust Source.


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