In the Flow

Everything disappears except for our attention to what instigated the flow.

Our mind releases its attachment to right, or wrong, small or big.

Flow occurs only when our ego dissolves.

We then become the vessel for the song, the poem, the art, the words, the movement…to stream through us.

Arriving from the field beyond our comprehension. Gathering the threads of our entire life as it attenuates through our body being, the vessel.

In so doing weaving our identity into the expression that while uniquely ours, is never ours.

It is indeed far greater than any work we might do as a skin-encapsulated single human.

Flow requires connectivity to the greater song of the Universe. To the genealogy of art or poetry, of dance or movement.

A cast of thousands sing, dance, breathe through us.

We are humbled.

March 18th 2019

Photo taken March 18th 2019