Influence inflection points and Pattern Integrity

My 9th-grade teacher, Mrs Bridewater, expanded my imagination as a writer and creator, giving me permission to break down walls of convention. Challenge the box.

A little book taught me to hunt for treasures in my own backyard. To not step over what was right under my feet.

Travel connected me with the vastness of Earth, humanity, diversity and sheer awe.

Becoming a mother humbled me, humanised me. Tenderised a hardened heart. Cracked me open. Still cracks me open.

Discovering the work of R.Buckminster Fuller in my mid-twenties shaped the entire direction of my life. And continues to, to this day.

Distance running and swimming daily became my bedrock, my meditation, my personal petrie dish to see my self reflected in choices of endurance, pain, quitting….or digging deeper, and the wisdom to know the right path at the right time.

Taking a deep dive into the world of economics, finance, currency, value, and money gave me the perspective of a world designed to cripple the majority at the luxury of the few. And the will to choose a path to break down this model and build a new one.

Our life provides us with a myriad of ways to be shaped and formed. In the thick of the day it is hard to see the Pattern.

But the Pattern is there. From the beginning. The thread that runs through our cells, weaving a tapestry as evidence of our soul’s incarnation in this life.

Bucky called it a Pattern Integrity.

Our journey as humans is to enable our Pattern Integrity the stage and the environment to mature into its fullest magnificence. It is a path of discernment, refinement, and ultimately, simplicity.

Guardian mentors, able to see the wholeness of our Pattern Integrity as we stumble along the path, show up, seemingly randomly.

Say yes to them. Say yes to those who have only the best expression of our integrity at heart.

*In gratitude to all of my mentors, teachers of the past, the present and the future.

July 3rd 2018

Photo Taken July 3rd 2018