Inspiring others

To action, is not through force. Rather through being the example.

Too often we want to impose change rather than be the change.

This applies at both the personal level as well as the company level.

A company that offers a service and doesn’t live the service they offer is out of integrity. The dissonance between the promise they sell and the way they are in the world creates an experience that repels, even at the very subtle level.

If we want people around us to change, we need to lead the change through authentic, lived action.

A leader who wants a collaborative team needs to be collaborative intrinsically.

If we want a community of trust, create the conditions where trust is built in by design and be trusting.

Too often we spend time trying to fix the thing “out there”. The hard work begins with living the ‘out there’ on the inside.

Be the inspiration.

August 17th 2019

Photo taken August 17th 2019