The essence of business is beautiful. People trading and exchanging services and things of value to support the well being of all.

Under the umbrella of business built around this essence everyone is richer. My livelihood as a business owner is enriched by supporting you to find greater enrichment through my business expression. I do not need to take from you too much or too little as the exchange. You do not feel ripped off, seduced, or sold to.

These circumstances as the basis for business are rare. Instead of the prime impulse being built around a central theme of offering real value in service of the well being of all, we have replaced that with the central organising principle of business being the accumulation of money.

This action disrespects both business and money.

In our insatiable desire for money, power and fame we have prostituted the essence of business.

Gone are elements of deep care, respect, love and comprehensive consideration for the short and long term field effects.

Business is crying out, like an overfed and undernourished child, to be restored to its Source code intention. Humans who spend their days working in businesses are crying out for the same. The customer is searching for those remarkable experiences with business where they feel valued and respected, treated as sovereign.

Are you brave enough to heed this call? The call of business as an expression of its deepest integrity? This is the call of 2.23AM.


Photo credit: Creative Commons License Pavlina Jane via Compfight