Intelligence and wisdom

The capacity to comprehend, understand and discern is not the same as the ability to combine knowledge and experience to see multiple perspectives and choose a path understanding whole system’s consequences.

Very intelligent people can lack wisdom or common sense. 

Intelligence itself stretches beyond the mind. Cognitive, physical, spiritual, moral, musical, rational and artistic intelligence are some that spring to mind.

We are entering an age, arriving at the speed of light, where the intelligent machine will do more than almost every human cognitive intelligence has the capacity to do. 

This will decimate half of our existing jobs and companies. It is the kind of seismic shift that tips axises. Humanity is simply not prepared for this.

Machine intelligence is autopoietic, learning from itself. 

Yet it will not have the wisdom that comes with the rational mind combined with the field of warm data and the weightless, immeasurable, invisible elements that make life life. To know love. To consider consequences. To care deeply. To want an increased well-being for Earth and all her creatures.

Intelligence and wisdom are rare enough in our halls of power and leadership.

Letting the machine run without wisdom will unleash a future of dire consequences.

Photo Taken March 31st 2023