Into the well of truth

It is hard sometimes to go into the well of truth in our being.

The false gods of wanting to be liked, or seen a certain way, can obscure our truth from us.

There is a danger of admittance. If this is my truth, then I have to give up years or decades of telling a lie, and all the sunk costs of reputation and asset building that my lies have enabled.

To stay with the lie is easier in many ways.

Yet lies in our psyche are similar to silent, unseen cancer cells. They erode the structure of our being.

Similar to listening to music and hearing a constant note that is off, the dissonance we experience in ourselves, and that others observe in us, make our true identity hard to experience in full.

Confronting our truth is both terrifying and liberating. The burden of carrying a lie etches decades off our vitality.

To live light, to love lite, is to live true.

Going into the well of our truth is a journey of self-love.

Photo Taken August 17th  2023