From Latin – to give one’s capital a new form.

We are all investors. The question is in what? Our capital, that which is first in importance to us, will be directed to something.

This might include accumulation of knowledge, things, health, money, property (ownership), time, relationships, networks, education.

We have a world that rewards and celebrates only one or two classes of investment.

There are those who have invested in their health, and they have vibrant and healthy lives. They may not have accumulated wealth of property. When those who have monetary wealth get sick, they might give everything they own for the health they lack.

Similarly, those who invest in high-quality relationships have a wealth of human-to-human connections that no money can buy.

How easy is it for us to dismiss our worth when we are absent one form of wealth that the world celebrates?

Perhaps today consider your true wealth. Consider where you have made consistent investments. Might they deserve to be on the balance sheet of your intrinsic and extrinsic value and worth?

April 1st 2019

Photo taken April 1st, 2019