Is a Syntropic Enterprise right for you

A Syntropic Enterprise has the following core ingredients.

A Syntropic Enterprise holds life as sacred, and relationships between people and Earth as the sacred thread of all actions and being.

Its products and services are designed to increase the well-being of all life.

It does not exploit, extract or colonise.

It uses models and tools to enable people to come together synergistically – so that we are better for working together.

It is not about profit (to advance, benefit or gain) of money only. It includes profit of well-being, vitality, knowledge, and equitable access. Profit of money is precessional (a side effect) to doing great work for a world with a future.

The role of the leader is as a leader steward – holding space for synergy rather than dominating.

We consider an all-in-accounting model, in both giving and receiving. We negotiate equity for all life.

Success is measured by the increased well-being in all domains of all engaged and at effect.

Integrity is the essence of everything a Syntropic Enterprise does.

Is a Syntropic Enterprise right for you? I hope so.

Photo Taken August 15th 2015