Is it time to retire the idea of a job?

With rare exception most people want to fill their days with something they care deeply about, that nourishes their Soul, enables them to bring their best selves to the fore, and celebrates contribution in many ways, with dignity and respect.

Is this what a job does?

We surely have it all about backwards. 

We hire people to fit a position, box them into a role, and create environments where their best is rarely able to be evidenced. In the best circumstances our people, our staff, are treated with respect and paid well. In most circumstances, our people are treated as commodities. Numbers on a payroll. An expense we would rather not have.

The irony is that the greatest exponential technology available is when we create environments where the human mind, working synergistically, can do what was considered moments before, impossible.

To do this, to enable people to show up, give their all, be rewarded in multiple ways for having done so, is to rethink work, employment, recognition, how we measure, and how we invite participation while maintaining an environment of respect, ongoing learning and development.

It is the foundation of a Syntropic Enterprise. 

May 16th 2020

Photo taken May 16th, 2020