Is there a connection

When I reach out to people for the first time, or when someone outreaches to me, the thing I am seeking before anything else is connection.

I want to know the human behind the voice, photo, profile and words.

Is there a connection between us that is alive and real? Do I move closer instinctively and naturally with my listening, questions and responses?

Do I want to spend more time with them and they with me? 

I have always trusted that people I need to meet, where Synergy will be present, will arrive, on time. Not my time. But in Kairos time. 

My work is to clear my instrument. My mind, body being. So I become a transmission of clarity and integrity.

This work is forever ongoing. The more I stand in my uncontaminated and imperfect wholeness, the clearer I get. 

Photo Taken September 12th 2023