Is this enough

Life. I am at a loss.

One moment majestic. The next, devastating.

Our attempts to package it into sense-making and neat little boxes get completely unravelled by forces beyond our control.

The more we try, the more reason and sense-making eludes us. The Einsteins and Bucky Fullers  – those explorers of science and space – embraced the unexplainable, undefinable, unable-to-be-measured – mystery.

The unravelling humbles. Our tears fall to Earth. To humus. Onto our knees we go. Unable to hold ourselves, yet held by Earth.

As I write, gazing through a rainy day sky across the Pacific, I invite a dance with the mystery of it all. No reason, no thought, nothing to explain. Simply watching the rain and being here.

“Is this enough?” arises from within.

“It is everything,” is the answer.

August 26th 2018

Photo Taken April 23rd 2017


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