It begins at home

If we want to create a different world – one where all people, no matter their gender, skin tone, age, ability, size – are accepted and appreciated for their essential who-ness – where our world view is both local community and global systems – then we might begin at home.

Of course, not everyone has a home where this might even begin to be possible. Those of us who do, who are parents and friends and lovers – the responsibility lies with us to an even higher degree.

To encourage openness and curiosity. To explore worlds and world views so we might craft our own. To seek to look beyond the lazy attention-grabbing media, and seek source, understanding and multiple perspectives.

To practise respect for others, all of Earth’s creatures, and ourselves.

To participate in the care and love of the home, its clean spaces and items that provide our comforts, as equal stewards, transcending traditional roles or cultural stereotypes.

To examine our own fears and hypocrisy. To engage in robust conversation and debate, grounded in respect.

To be active citizens. To model all of these behaviours to our children, our friends, our community.

It begins at home. Rather than hand over the responsibility to others, our home is a garden bed of a better future. It is essential, vital work.

December 16th 2018
Photo taken December 16th 2018