It is in the seemingly ordinary

Our winter days in my part of the Southern Hemisphere consist of weeks of endless blue skies.

Only on the cold mornings is the horizon absent of clouds.

The Sunrises look similar. Stunning, but similar. Heralding glorious days of warm sunshine.

Repetitive beauty is easy to dismiss. We seek the novelty, the difference. We fail then to look up from our busy tasks to be present to repetitive beauty.

How many times do we dismiss the steady magnificence of our own being? The familiar and effortless, discarded as insignificant for its obviousness.

It is in the seemingly ordinary that is often found the extraordinary.

Today, take a look at your ordinary self. Those skills that are as easy as breathing. Hold these skills and attributes in the brilliant light. Be present to the response when you gift them to the world.

August 5th 2018

Photo Taken August 5th 2018