It is time to bring more balance to the wealth divide

Our prevailing capitalist system is hard on the poor. Lazy, we might call the poor.

Takers. A bottomless pit of social security. Do not pay them a living wage. Tell them hard work will get you where ever you want to go.

Yet we subsidise the wealthy. Tax cuts for them. Access to the power brokers. Special rules for the most wealthy. 

Unless you have been at the bottom, unless you know the pain and indignity of being in the social security system, of being told you are worthless for being there, of the shame that comes with not being able to pay your bills, even the most basic ones…food, electricity, housing…then you have few rights to criticise. 

Lazy lives at every level. Entitlement is as much a disease of the rich as it is of the poor. Corruption and exploitation by the rich of the system is exponentially more expensive to the taxpayer than the exploitation of the system by the poor.

Hard work is rarely the issue. 

Hard work with access, privilege, power, the right school for education, and family connections – these come as standard with the rich. Take all of these elements away and we might have a more equitable playing field to judge hard work.

It is time to bring more balance to the wealth divide. When there is greater equity the whole prospers.

Photo taken July 12th 2022