It’s complicated

Means it is messy. There is a history. We need to take the time to understand the territory. Go back to source. To see from multiple perspectives, step by step. To give up our own perspective with the intention to understand.

It’s complex. 

Means it might never make sense. The only way to make sense is to examine the whole. The parts will not determine the whole. In order to solve complex problems we must start with the whole. We cannot solve poverty, inequality, slavery, environmental degradation – without examining the whole system economy. The governance and flow of money and currency. The larger patterns that humans have written that have us land here.

We can find our way through complicated with patience, deep listening, going back to source, intention to understand.

For complexity, we need a neurobiological psychosocial development that enables holding multiple perspectives simultaneously.  And we must do this in collaboration with others. The synergistic capacity of the collective response cannot be underestimated.

June 30th 2019

Photo taken June 30th 2019