The heart of Jazz is improvisation, with syncopation (strong beats become weak and vice versa), co-creation and play.

Jazz Conversations is a methodology we use in our events at 2:23AM. Our job is to create the field for these conversations to flourish.

That field needs to be light, playful yet purposeful, aligned and attuned.

We want enough ease and flow to enable co-creation; for people to move where the ‘beat’ of the conversation takes them;  the opportunity for the introvert to speak, and the extrovert to listen; for the small steady pulse that lies under the conversation to be brought to life…and the noise of the typical conversation to be quiet.

The end result, with the very subtle, effortless and artful direction of the field by a skilled facilitator, will be the birth of something quite unique…an experience, idea, action…that requires just this exact blend of people, the field, the co-creation of conversation…and the ability to hear the most significant and often overlooked beat.

This is a Jazz Conversation applied to business. Once experienced it is unforgettable.


Photo credit: Infrogmation of New Orleans via Compfight

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