Journeys refine us

Today I return home after a journey around the world.

I have stepped into cultures far from my own.

Seen wealth that divides us so completely for its ability to buy almost anything…except of course health, love and true friendship. (And I have these in such abundance I am rich indeed)

Walked the path of history, scholarship, education.

And travelled an island of stunning natural beauty and artisan food and wine.

I have met people of generous spirit. People who forge their art in the world with such a level of excellence, even though their market is small. Experienced those who have taken great risks to serve human perception through art. Eaten at the table of abundance.

Re-united with friends, made new friends, and befriended strangers.

And sat in the splendour of nature again and again, reduced in so doing to my small existence at this moment in time, humbled as always by something far bigger than I will likely be able to comprehend.

I return changed by the experience.

Excited by the return to the familiar. Longing for a return to enough routine to provide the ground, within a life of diversity that keeps me dancing.

There are people and events I need to attend to, some which have broken my heart in their choice of actions. Others who have offered me gifts beyond compare.

And there is my own life that needs intimate attention as I am called to rise to higher ground, yet again, to craft this next stage with thoughtful intention and bold action.

Journeys refine us if we allow them. They make us better people for our willingness to step into the lives and cultures of others.

To return home we are not beginning where we left off, rather we are beginning altered by experience and perspective.

February 20th 2018

Photo Taken January 2nd 2016