Just one

Kairos time, divine justice, karma

To trust in a higher order beyond the limits of the human provides a measure of solace in a world where those who break the backs of others to win their game are seemingly rewarded for their accumulated spoils.

A clock that only works with the rhythm of the heavens.

A justice system that has infinite patience.

And a scorecard with all seeing all knowing eyes.

Human linear time is inadequate when we require holding space for the birth of brilliant light-filled ideas and stars.

Our justice system fails us when it is held by the very powerful who are setting the world on fire while screaming to be the firefighters and saviours.

And the corrupt deals done in back rooms, the little transgressions and the big, are all seen and recorded in the book of divine law.

This does not mean we rest on our laurels and leave the work of the good, the true and the beautiful to the gods….for to do so only increases our perceived helplessness.

It does mean that in the record of heavenly time, each act we take, no matter its size, towards the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible is seen. And counts.

Just one.

Just one photon of light defeats the darkness.

December 10th 2018

Photo taken December 31st 2017