Justice requires citizen participation

Not left or right. Not socialism, capitalism or neoliberalism.

Is it possible that the majority of people want the same things? 

Dignity, equality, access to quality education, health, child and aging care, safe shelter, the ability to contribute, make progress, learn, play, connect, and commune. To celebrate the sacred in their own way. Work that feels meaningful towards something they care about.

Shall we start there?

Of course, those who currently hold the reins of power and wealth fear giving up their full deck of cards. They see any less than 52 cards as injustice. They see those with one or two cards as less than human. Expendable and exploitable. 

How do we address this? How do we bring humanity back into their being? 

And while we are considering this question, how do we bring the majority together across the chasm of ideology, united by the desire for the same things, focused with clarity on this and not all the petty differences that prevent it from happening?

War has always been the pathway from extreme division towards a remembering of our collective desire for peace and dignity.

Is there another way?  Can we humans actually convene and transcend war? 

Do we start with the revolution at the grassroots, or do we attempt to address those who continue to profit from what war brings, an amplification of existing power? Or is it both?

Life, this glorious, mysterious life, has its way with us. It will break even those who appear immune. Those who work a system for their entire lives to become more immune. 

Justice, truth, integrity, peace, beauty, all-respect – require active, focused citizen participation.

Citizens of planet Earth, when we have more than others, we have a responsibility to act for those with less. Never rights without responsibility. There is always someone with less.

When we fail in our responsibilities, when we step over lies, corruption and injustice, we are complicit. 

We get the world we create through participation. 

Photo Taken July 1st 2024