Kairos time

Is harmonic time. That moment when the patterns line up.

Kairos has alignment, coherence, fidelity and symphony as its essential elements.

To be present to Kairos we need to pay attention to the hum below the hum.

Kairos is the time of attention to stillness, to Universe, to the moment when gestation ends and creation calls to usher in the new. Kairos does not recognise human time, our need to rush, our urgency. It only knows the clock of the heavens.

Often our procrastination is Kairos whispering…not yet…not yet.

Suddenly, now is the time. You call, and the voice at the other end says…I was just thinking of you.

Heaven’s doors open. Synchronicities and delight flow in.

September 26th 2018

Photo taken September 26th 2018