Key elements of a Source Idea

We have thousands of ideas and impulses each day. But the ones that seize us, that take us by the scruff of our Soul, and will not let go, are the ones I am talking about.

Ideas come from the field of all creation. They need us to be brought alive.

They arrive. They animate us to act. They often appear too big for us, and we might have no idea how we are going to bring them to life.

They will not let us go. They inhabit our dreams. 

They are not us, and we are not them. Like a child born to us, we are the steward parent.

Therefore they require our guardianship, our protection, our actions in the world to move from ephemeral to form.

We have the capacity to do this. But not at first. At first, we only have the capacity to support the next stage.

And then the next. And so it goes. Our capacity and capability expand as the idea is brought to life.

Working with the emergence, our role is to attune to the field that needs to support the idea, like a gardener attunes to the soil and weather. Adjusting, attending, sometimes doing nothing, other times working long and hard. 

Each idea has a particular identity, a core DNA, a Pattern Integrity. These qualities and attributes must be recognised intimately and always nourished. 

The moment we violate the Pattern Integrity of the idea we debase the idea itself and it becomes a shadow of its potential. The Pattern Integrity of the Source Idea needs to be protected as sacred. 

The role of the steward of the idea is to serve its unfolding, to create the field that ensures the idea is birthed to the fullest potential. It is a partnership, a communion, a matter of exquisite attention.

May 15th 2020

Photo taken May 15th, 2020