Kick the can down the road

For someone else to take care of. 

Our accounting system turns everything into a number on a spreadsheet seeking a profit of money.  In the process, morality is ignored.

Nature is irrelevant to this accounting system.

Governments are built on indebting future generations, knowing that all debts must be paid, and hoping their government isn’t the one left holding the can. 

The game becomes too big to fail. In the end, everyone loses.

Yet still, we reach for silly games like offsetting. As if one bad deed here can be paid off over there, all in the name of profit.

How can we profit from carbon capture? 

Wrong question.

A better question is: How do we place life, Nature, and the sacred as our biggest, most important asset? 

Until we do ask this question, we continue to kick the can down the road. Someone else’s problem. 

Photo Taken March 18th 2024