Knowing Kindness

Through the experience of your heart being carved into pieces with a viciousness that doesn’t make sense.

Or the vast emptiness of being thoroughly broken down. Losing all faith that anything…anything at all…might light your spirit ever again.

Of seeing callous disregard for others enacted by those with means and power.

Feeling the pain of Mother Earth as hubris exploits her beauty and eternity of creation.

And the death of an animal, innocent. At the whim of someone who sees only self-gratification or feels the perverse pleasure of cruelty.

Kindness is a gift given through the experience of its lack. It has infinite compassion within its expression. And ultimate generosity.

In a world in shock from kindness missing from our leadership, where the exploitation and reduction of people, animals and the Earth to objects removed from deserving anything but contempt, perhaps we might turn up the volume on our kindness?

July 17th 2019

Photo taken July 15th, 2019