Latent Potential

Like a tightly coiled spring ready to be released.

A Jack-in-the-box.

Can you feel it?

What shape is it? Does it have a colour? How does it feel? What does it need to be primed?

Often times our latent potential sits patiently, waiting for the right conditions. To be birthed too soon is the sound of one hand clapping. To be birthed too late is to fill an already noisy room with another voice, creating only more noise.

Our accumulated experience, our pain, our broken hearts and bones…all add dimension to our latent potential. 

Treat it with respect. Patience is the harder road. Tune into Kairos time (divine time) towards its unfurling. 

It is bigger than us. To impose our own time, our own need to express, our own desire for the shallow road of short-lived fame and glory is not what is asked of us.

One day the time will come when it cannot remain tethered. That day does not live in the linearity of predictability.

Prepare. Fine-tune your instrument. Gather allies. Build a team of mentors.

Like the sleeping dragon, once wakened, you can do little but honour its power.

*In honour and recognition of Greta Thunberg, AOC, Jacinda Ardern. Awakened. 

Photo taken March 31st 2019