Syntropic Enterprise Launchpad


Building or Re-engineering a Syntropic enterprise. Agile, resilient, self managed, exponential, future proofed. 


A Four Day Intensive Off-Site Or four weeks, 2 hours a day, four days a week ONLINE


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Move towards..

*creating a Syntropic Enterprise – leaving everything better

*the fulfilment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

*a purpose driven enterprise

*a natural hierarchy that has inbuilt agility and resilience by design, removing layers of management

*self managed teams of highly responsible people

*the capacity to apply exponential technology and human systems design to lead change

*the leader as steward, requiring a very light touch and as such the tune-in-ability to see the future and make adaptations as required

*an extraordinary focus on the experience of customers, your people, the service, all other stakeholders

*a business model that is aligned and coherent with your purpose

“One of the most important events I’ve ever attended. ”

One of the most important events I’ve ever attended. Christine is uniquely capable of soaring between history’s greatest minds, then helping the entrepreneurs deep dive into applying this to the chaos of modern business.”  Murray Galbraith, Co-Founder Myriad

Four Days or Four Weeks Online

We suggest between 6 and 20 people participate, selected to include diversity of experience, gender, age and background.


Potenial Agenda

Step one

Reconnect to the Source Idea of your enterprise

The initial seed idea that enabled action towards your enterprise purpose. It is vital to know this as it has within it the Pattern Integrity that forms the frame of every decision. 

step two

Reconnect/discover your Evolutionary Purpose 


The big why of your enterprise. Have this become so clear that it creates a Vector of Power, communicating this purpose to all stakeholders in every action, every decision, every hire, every design.

step three

Design the Enterprise Architecture

….that creates the clear boundary between your enterprise and the ecosystem in which it lives. Not too rigid to become brittle, or too loose to become ephemeral, but strong enough to allow flow as needed. At the same time, to enable people to choose to become active participants/employee’s, accepting the field of play from day one. The right enterprise architecture enables self management, deliberate people development by design, and the ability to incentivise for the world you want to see.

step four

Create the business model and strategy 

…that aligns all the elements. We do this by stepping into the future, examining the experience of all stakeholders, the product or service, and you the steward leader. We then reverse engineer the steps back to today. The business model falls naturally out of our work, and the strategy becomes apparent.

Ongoing support is recommended but optional

Syntropic Enterprise Launchpad Investment

$30,000 plus GST


Includes all preparatory work and a follow up webinar 3-6 weeks post event.

Ongoing support is recommended but optional.



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Frequently asked questions

Is this for not-for-profit or for-profit or both?

The Launchpad Intensive is designed for all enterprise types. 

Might we create this for a new disruptive part of the enterprise?

Absolutely. We will discuss best strategy for  larger enterprises to ensure the core business is not disrupted as you move towards a new model.

Is this applicable for startups?

This is one of the best ways to get the foundations right of your stratup to ensure enduring success.

Do you offer this work in other ways?

Yes. We can adapt to online, as required.

Are we able to do this within a division of the enterprise?

Yes. With larger enterprises we suggest you start by working with a division of the enterprise. Once you have that model in good shape, you might then duplicate.

Do you offer this as part of a larger initiative?

Yes. We have year long bespoke programs based on a monthly retainer to achieve clearly defined outcomes for enterprise design, leadership development, new product and service development. 

We are a well established business. Is this relevant to us?

If you want to (1) Create the architecture that enables your people to be able to bring their best with minimal management (2) Build develoment for all team members, including you, into the enterprise design (3) Free yourself up to focus on the art of steward leadership towards your evolutionary purpose (4) Be a Map Maker for others seeking to create enterprises for a world with a future (5) Know that you and your enterprise can lead change (6) Design the appropriate advise/decision making process.  (7) Be adaptive and responsive to exponential change. Ideally to lead this change. Then YES.

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