Learning and unlearning

To learn we need desire. There needs to be space for the new and different. 

To learn and transform we need to let go of what filled the space previously. 

To consider the possibility that what we felt we have known as right and certain for so long is no longer fully true. 

Humans generally grow and learn in stages. After a transformation comes consolidation. A settling of the new world view. At this stage of consolidation we are not so open to further challenges to our new world view.

With time, we might begin to see that our ground has not been so solid. Our desire to learn more begins to expand.

We relinquish our tight hold on what we considered certain. We might be open to unlearning.

Teaching respects this process. 

People cannot be until they are. 

April 17th 2019

Photo taken April 17th, 2019