Let them eat cake

I am not sure if these words were actually spoken. But I do know that the Brazilian president said this week that his middle name might be messiah, but he cannot perform miracles…all the while expressing not a slither of care for the people he is supposed to be representing.

History teaches that when masses of people are left discarded, irrelevant to the machine of accumulation and rapacious greed, eventually there will be an uprising.

No wealth or perceived power can stop this. Some of our current world politicians might become students of history. Alas, their hubris prevents this.

In some countries, like the USA, where people are armed beyond imagination, this uprising will be violent.

Silent peaceful protests are as powerful. Indeed more powerful. They set the stage for a future that refuses violence as an antidote to care-less-ness and self-serving greed.

Essential workers….suddenly moved from behind the scenes of relevance to the front line of importance… if they lay down their tools, will cause the military-industrial complex to grind to a halt.

In the end, the kind word, the gentle hand, the clean bed…absent all glamour and luxury, matter more than anything.

The greatest threat to any seized or claimed power is the awakening of the people to their own power to change. To stop this from happening, the power play is to keep people divided. Keep us divided.

But when all the basics of humanity are striped…food, education, health care, dignity… divisions disintegrate. 

Against the backdrop of leaders soaked in an addiction to their own power and glory, let the uprising be one of love, care for people…all people, care for our home planet.

It will take us all….standing on the shoulders of giants like Gandhi, Mandela…and even the Prophets of the long past, like Jesus…who stood with the prostitutes, the lepers, the broken…and invited them all to the table.

May 5th 2020

Photo taken May 5th, 2020