Let us talk about justification

This act justifies this act. 

Justify – to administer justice. Deal rightly. Declare to be innocent or blameless.

Just – right-minded, good intention. Legal. Lawful. Right in law.

When I seek to justify a behaviour, I might ask why I need to defend that behaviour. 

When I have no need for justification, when my actions have been delivered with conscious intent, does this make my actions right?

These important questions step into the realm of morals, ethics and integrity.

We have people who wield incredible power and influence doing horrid things to others and the land, without any shame or need from their perspective to justify.

When pressed, their justification and defence speak to some personal or tribal insult. In the questioning, we get the righteous indignation, the egoic arc that rises up with a fiery tongue. This is key. The charge is there in defence and defiance. 

As if this is enough of an inciting incident for them to go ahead and become perpetrators of far greater violence than the original incident. 

And the cycle continues. Tragedy after tragedy.

In complex situations, where there are multiple intersecting and unable-to-be-untangled issues, the wise choice is to pause and understand the whole terrain. This takes a commitment and investment. And a deep desire to stop the violence in all areas.

When we act from the whole, and hold ethics, morality, integrity and all-human dignity as central to our response, when we seek solutions that elevate our humanity rather than denigrate it, we can stand in the justification of our actions with clarity and calm, absent the arc of righteous defence.

I look upon the map of geopolitics, seeking a leader who does this.

I do not see it. 

Maybe it is up to us to be these leaders.

Photo Taken November 5th  2023