Let’s dance on the edge of infinity

When you dance on the edge of infinity, there is always enough…Because you aren’t taking opportunity from anyone else, you’re creating it. Seth Godin, The Song of Significance

This is what I believe we are doing in Syntropic World. 

Creating new models, maps, language, tools, ways of being and worldviews that make the existing ones obsolete.

This makes it very hard to describe or explain. 

Which is both a headache and a blessing. 

Those who show up and participate trust us with the chasm of the unknown. 

The joy of this work is that once people understand the Syntropic Framework, whole new worlds of opportunity open up for them.

I love when that happens. There is so much to do. Beautiful work that leaves everything better. 

A greater story is being told. One that honours Earth and all her creatures.

Let’s dance on the edge of infinity.

Photo Taken June 13th 2023