Leveraging our greatest asset

The word leverage has been co-opted by the profit/money-making machines, and in the process, has striped a reflection of humanity from its use.

Yet to apply a lever that gets more done with less effort is a Law of Nature.

How do we leverage our individual uniqueness? 

Firstly we must know what our individual uniqueness is. Often we cannot see what is obvious to others because our unique skills are like breathing – not much thought is required and it is easy to do most of the time. 

Perhaps we might look to the places where we are so absorbed we lose time and ourselves in the process. 

I know when I teach or mentor I feel more like I am playing than working. I get energised rather than energy drained. The response I get is edifying.

Once we have identified our uniqueness, how then might we aim to have the things we are uniquely excellent at become where we spend at least 60-70% of our work time? 

This is the question I am contemplating as we move to the close of 2022.

Photo taken November 1st 2022