Life and syntropy are the greater forces

As I write, I am surrounded by rain, my home high enough to be shrouded in clouds. The garden is happy. The avocado tree bursting with new leaves.

I think about life. Aliveness. To be surrounded by green. 

To have the opportunity, as I did this morning, to be in a clean ocean watching dolphins beside me surf the waves. 

Sometimes it is so hard to allow myself the fullness of happiness when I know so many are suffering. I wonder at the luck of my birth.

Yesterday, my partner and I talked about 2023. The things that made us happy and proud. 

We returned, on every occasion, to gratitude. 

This marvellous emergent life. Life itself. A weed seeking the light through concrete obliterated by bombs.  

Life and syntropy are the greater forces. 

We humans are so lost in our arrogant attempt to think we know better.

Life is emergent. 

Business is emergent. 

A Syntropic Enterprise is one modelled on life and aliveness. The business itself. Alive. The way we measure, coordinate and plan. Alive and emergent.

How did we get to the place where we consider human coordination as machine-like? Linear, rational, measured. Stripped of the sacred, immeasurable.

Science has shown that being in nature is as powerful a medicine as some of the most powerful human-designed medicines.

Imagine, just for a moment, that our work, our enterprises, are Nature expressed in all things. That being in our work is powerful healing medicine.

Not only might we bring our synergistic brilliance, but we will also be healthy for it.

But no, instead, we choose ridiculous artificial constructs that turn brilliance into mush and petty nasty, that have people be reduced to numbers, and that kill souls in the process, even the souls of those holding the reigns of power. Business that sticks to the plan, rather than dance with the emergent.

The rain and humidity create this fecund place for life – all life. Including millions of mosquitos. 

This, too, shall pass.

Photo Taken August 17th 2023