Life begins with awareness of otherness – on becoming Syntropic

A system by design has an inside and an outside. 

Thought is systemic. Thinking this not that.

An enterprise is systemic. All who are a part of, and all who are not.

To be aware of others, to be alive, is to be a part of all that is awareness and all of which we are not aware.

The minimum system in Universe is the tetrahedron. The tetrahedron is also the minimum structure that holds its shape. Therefore the tetrahedron is the minimum system that has integrity, for integrity means to hold its shape.

The tetrahedron has four dimensions intrinsically. Four dimensional systems are the normal and not the exotic.

What may you ask is the relevance of all of this?

Our current models of math, science and engineering have been built around the square and the cube.

Until we begin to think, act and design tetrahedrally, in four dimensions, we live in our current day equivalent of the flat earth society.

To innovate new models and new maps for a world with a future, now is the time to challenge the basic assumptions of our current systems. This is to begin to think with a Syntropic mindset.

May 24th 2020

Photo taken May 24th, 2020