Life did not take over the world by combat but by networking

So said evolutionary biologist, Lynn Margulis.

As part of the patriarchal dominance of the world, the myth of the selfish gene, the rights of the individual absent any responsibility, the separation of humans from being nature, has been propagated as the brand under which humanity gets away with what we now know is a death spiral.

Combat is not the norm, it is the aberration. It shows the adolescence of our own evolution. The emotionally and cognitively unintelligent reflexive response of a children’s playground.

We can do so much better. 

For a start, we can sit under a tree in a forest and observe the awe-inspiring interconnectivity of all things. The mycelial network that leaves any human-constructed network or AI in the dark ages. 

Or we can turn inwards to the communication flows of our own body biology. Supreme examples of coordination and collaboration that we are far from mastering in our own enterprise relationships.

Networking, interconnectivity, interbeing, how to coordinate humanity…these are the most needed technologies of our times.

Photo taken August 8th 2021

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