Life is beautiful

I have been writing Beauty of Beginnings since January 1st 2018. For the last few months, I have been editing and curating this collection of daily ruminations in preparation for the first Beauty book.

It is fascinating to read the poetry of my unfolding life. To wonder where I was when I wrote that. 

To see the shapes and contours of my life as it rears up, roars down, opens up, contracts, becomes calm, rages like a storm.

For those who have journeyed with me for a while, you will know the love I have for the ocean. It is my sanctuary, my reflection, my cleansing and clearing.

I have often written about the ocean as a metaphor for life. This morning she was a mess. Windblown and unpredictable. I know that place well.

Tomorrow she might be a lake. And the day after, produce waves that defy everything standing in their way.

Life is beautiful. All of it. 

Photo Taken August 11th 2023