Lineage and Syntropy

Most of us know gravity from experience. We drop a glass and it falls and shatters. 

Yet this invisible, unsmellable, unseeable, unhearable force was a mystery to humans for thousands of years.

Isaac Newton’s work on gravity came from a long lineage of scientists, astronomers and mathematicians. Galileo and Kepler to name a few.

Did Isaac Newton discover gravity? Or was he part of a lineage of inquiry?

Great ideas and life are emergent. Dynamic. Moving towards Syntropy.

To put an idea into the world and claim rights and exclusivity is to deny lineage. To insist the idea stay static and as it arrived is to have it become entropic. To begin to decay.

For humanity to move to a higher order, ideas need to fly free. To be Syntropic. That is not to say that we do not honour those who toil to create the field for ideas to land and then give their life force energy to ensuring fertile ground is provided for the Source Idea to become greater than at its inception.

But the ideas are never ours. Just as a child born to us is never ours. We are the stewards of that idea. 

Great stewards, like great teachers, hold clear the intention that their ideas not only fly but in the ecology of their stewardship, through the synergistic application of others, move to an order much higher than we could have imagined.

My work is a result of so many brilliant people. From my Grade 9 teacher, Mrs Bridgewater, who encouraged me to write, to my inspiration of thirty-four years, Bucky Fuller, and so so so many others. I am grateful to my bones for each lesson learned, each theory provided, each question asked, answered or still swirling in the mystery. I hope I steward the collective brilliance that has fuelled me so well. And from that which I bring the world through my unique synthesis, a direct result of the lineage of my life, others carry forward more brilliantly than I could have imagined.

May 9th 2020

Photo taken May 9th, 2020