I stand here because of my lineage. My ancestors, my teachers, authors, friends, film-makers, artists, strangers. The ancestors of this land, never ceded.

I stand on the body of Mother Earth nourished by the Sun. Held in captive delight by our greatest teacher, Nature.

My ‘original’ thought is etched from bones of thousands. Ideas breathed through leaves and dreams incubated and held by people who loved them to life in their first incarnation.

I honour all. Impossible to name given the number.

At the least, I can name the direct Source. The known lineage. For to not do so is theft.

It is a theft of the most egregious kind. It steals pieces of another’s spirit, negating love and life and vitality breathed into creativity in the process.

I honour my lineage. My father, my mother Ashtara, my daughter, Earth’s playground. Buckminster Fuller.

My clients who teach me more than they know. Generous people who have lifted me when down. Big-hearted people like AJ creating seriously important mischief in the world. Communities like Common, under the magnificent care of Mark.

Authors like Kate Raworth and Jeremy Lent. Or William Gibson. People committed to writing a story that enables all human thriving. Poets from Rumi and Hafiz to Goethe and David Whyte.

So many others. I am here because of you. I hold you in my heart.

Thank you.

September 5th 2018

Photo taken September 1st 2017