Would you rather 

Run a profitable business that is full of 

  • Broken partnerships
  • Corruption
  • Hypocrisy
  • Absence of integrity


Run a profitable business that 

  • Uses powerful tools that you can apply immediately to your work and personal life that make everything better.
  • While increasing trust, transparency, and clean communications
  • With a roadmap to creating wildly successful teams
  • And preventing business partnerships from imploding, 
  • As you evolve your leadership through learning Steward Leadership
  • Finding and bringing your purpose to life.

Most people would choose option 2 but the question is HOW. 

Welcome to Syntropic World where we teach you how.




Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass – our foundation’s program.

Imagine a world where humans work together in business and enterprise that is beautiful, towards a purpose that leaves everything better today and into the future, giving people the space to bring the best work of their lives every day, with integrity all the way up down and through. Imagine that this type of business becomes business as usual. 

*build an enterprise that cherishes all life now and into the future in every single aspect of the business

*learn tools that free you from the very system that is causing such harm to our Earth and future

*be a part of something great and beautiful, as a co-creator, leader, builder

*create an enterprise and team that is extraordinary, increasing the wellbeing of all it touches, including you.

*know your grandchildren and Earths creatures will be thankful for your bold leadership and wholehearted daring

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OR, the next Live Masterclass commences April 18th 2024. Read more and register here.

Dare to Care – How to speak the radical truth with compassion

Imagine your life when you know you have the tools to speak what needs to be said in a way that honours you and the other, every time. Your team is free to do great work unburdened by messy relational breakdowns. Where your words and voice become a transmission, creating what you most need, want and desire for a world with a future for all. 

*Move through that fear of speaking up, speaking truth to power, saying no and meaning no, saying YES with the whole of your being.

*Heal relationships that matter

*Clean up the nasty unsaid toxic relationships so you can live lite.

*Find your voice, find your power, find your bold

*Establish exquisite connections with people you care about

*Heal broken relationships

*Find your authentic voice and speak with authority when needed

*Become comfortable with your vulnerability

*Handle conflict and upset with dignity and respect

*Speak truth to power

*Never be the person marginalised and exploited again

The next Dare to Care workshop is scheduled for April 1|2 nd 2024. Register Here

Synergistic Accounting Workshop

Ever shown up to a project and given your all only to feel exploited and squeezed out?

Or found yourself in a traditional business where your gender or difference is discounted?

Does the quality of relationships matter to you in all business engagements? Do you want the relational bonds to strengthen with time as you work to bring the purpose of your work to life?

Do you long to be seen and heard for your wholeness? And to gift the same opportunity to others?

If you want you and your team to feel valued in all the dimensions of contribution, while they connect and bond as a team, at the same time as removing the reductionist business-as-usual impulse to debase the weightless immeasurable qualities of life, like love, care, kindness and generosity, then this is your workshop.

Do not let money or its lack determine the future of your business or life.

Do not wait another minute to create extraordinary connected self-managed teams of people who bring their very best selves to work every day.

Consider the Synergistic Accounting Workshop. A new way of accounting for and honouring value in multiple domains. We would love you to join us.

Commencing 2024



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