Listen till you no longer exist

A long time ago when I started coaching, I created a simple formula I called the Communication Formula. Step one was ‘listen till you no longer exist.’

Translated, listen until the multiple voices in your head stop. Those voices who argue, judge, seek to interject, want to be right, or liked.

Listen to the voice and soul of the other with an absolute desire to hear and understand what they are saying. To not throw your worldview or opinion over theirs, but to see and understand the world through their eyes, their heart, and their lived experience.

It is a simple thing, yet so very hard. We have to want, beyond ourselves, to hear and understand the other.

It is one of the most generous acts we can give.

To be heard, deeply and clearly heard by another, is so rare. So precious. Cool water to a desiccated soul.

*Listen till you no longer exist – read the full article and the other two steps

January 29th 2019

Photo Taken January 29th, 2019