Listen till you no longer exist

To listen to another human as if their every word was the most important event occurring right now on the planet takes practice.

Rather than be with them, listening, we find ourselves in our own conversation…perhaps preparing the ‘perfect’ rebuttal, or in our own thoughts about the coming weekend.

The practice of genuine wholehearted listening is a form of active meditation.

It begins with the simple desire to listen, to understand, to be fully with this fellow human as they speak words to life.

If the desire to listen, understand them, hear their words, their point of not present in you, perhaps it is more respectful to admit this with honesty and compassion.

Or to call time, and ask for a place to circle back when our scattered mind can be fully present.

When we quiet our inner dialogue enough to hear the other or the call from our soul, we begin the practice that enables the ignition of our intuition, our from-the-field-of-the-whole intuition, to arise.

September 30th 2019

Photo taken September 30th, 2019